About me.


I used to be the nice girl, the strong friend, the perfectionist.

I was everything I thought people expected of me - but me.

From an early age, I was taught that my role was to support other people’s needs. I became an empath, meaning, I’m able to decipher people’s emotions very well (sometimes better than they do). And while this is definitely a strength - especially as a coach - that came with a bad side effect.

For so long, I thought that my worth was tied to how useful I was.

To how much I’d give of myself to others.

To how much people needed me.

Topple that with some abandonment issues (a repetition of a childhood trauma) and you can see how being supportive / helpful was important to me.


I was scared not to be wanted, so I wanted to be needed.

I would say yes when I meant no.

I’d have this constant inner negative self-talk,

I’d carry other people’s problems on my back, loosing my sleep over it.

And it was so fucking exhausting.

I was tired, and angry.

Didn’t people think I had feelings and needs, too?

Why weren’t they asking ME how I was doing? If I needed help?

The answers to these questions are now clear:

  • I wasn’t allowing myself to be vulnerable,

  • I didn’t know what I wanted/needed and even less how to ask for it,

  • I was in unbalanced relationships (romantic, friendship, family).

I didn’t stop giving too much from one day to another.

Some days, I’m still this woman.

The difference is that I’ve done « The Work ».

I now have a toolkit of resources to support myself, go back to my needs - go back to myself.

→ When my boundaries are crossed, I notice it + take action.

→ When I’m feeling overwhelmed, in a crisis (scared, angry, sad) I know what to do.

→ I know how to catch myself when I try to people-please

→ I also know how to give mindfully to others and how to receive.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-25 at 18.55.08.jpeg

I show up fully as myself:

an imperfect, powerful, authentic woman

who likes Harry Potter, kinky sex, dances on her Instagram Stories,

loves sleeping and has so many dietary restrictions people get lost in them.

At this point you’re probably thinking « yeah great, but hOW did you do that? ».

And that’s a VERY important question.

Self-love is a 3-fold process:

  1. Self-awareness: learning about who you are (not who you think you are)

  2. Self-acceptance: accepting yourself, fully

  3. Self-love: loving yourself unconditionally

What this process looks like specifically is unique to you, because guess what: you are unique.

There is only one you in the world.

What I do is help you figure out this process to be(come) YOU.


10 facts about me:

  • I have read each Harry Potter book at least 30 times.

  • I’m a Taurus Sun, Cancer Rising, Gemini Moon and Taurus Venus.

  • I speak 3 languages and was a nomad for 2 years before settling in the UK where I drink lots of tea.

  • I’m a type 4 Eneagram + a INFJ/INFP.

  • I love dystopias (think the Handmaid’s Tale) and Sci-fi for Young Adults.

  • Barcelona got my heart.

  • My Human Design is Manifestor with Ego Authority.

  • I prefer TV shows to movies cause the emotional investment is more rewarding.

  • I’m French.

  • I think kinky sex is a great tool for growth.

Anything else you’d like to know?