1:1 Coaching.

You’re tired.

You keep thinking you’ll take a break soon and that you’ll feel better.
But it never happens.

You’re overwhelmed

By the requests you receive from everywhere & everyone:
your career, your family, your friends and maybe even your partner.

You feel guilty.

For saying no, for wanting more, for not being enough, for being too much.

you try so hard!

To be a good friend / daughter / partner / coworker or boss.
Your relationships demand a lot of you and you feel yourself becoming emptier and emptier.

Sometimes, you’re so tired you can sleep a whole weekend.

You have pain in your body or feel disconnected from it ( and it shows up in your sex life)

Panic attacks, bursts of angers or tears seem to happen out of nowhere.

You don’t know what to do and you think that something’s wrong with you.

It’s all a bit much.

Is life supposed to be like that?

No, no it’s not.

And NOTHING is wrong with you.
Please take a deep breath and read that again: nothing is wrong with you.

What’s happening is that you’re giving too much out of yourself.

You’re spreading yourself so thin that you’re constantly running on low battery.

And yes : others have it worse. That is true. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it better.

All this exhaustion, this sickness that seem to linger?
They’re signs from your body that you need to slow down.

All these feelings that come up at the least convenient time?
They’re signs that you need to make space for them.

You’ve put yourself last on your to-do list for so long, you might not even know you’re doing it.

You know even less how to stop doing it.
You tried already:

Maybe you attended workshops on self-love and learnt a lot - but didn’t see any lasting effect on your life.

Maybe you tried practicing yoga, affirmations and meditation - but it doesn’t seem to go to the root of what’s going on.

You’re a smart, ambitious womxn and you want to stop blocking yourself from achieving your goals.

You want to make lasting changes to your life and realise it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

You wish someone would understand you.

Not try to fix you (because my dear, you’re not broken), but to listen.

You crave a space to share your feelings freely, where you’re not judged for having them - but celebrated.

Where you’re embraced for who you are and you don’t have to pretend,
or to deflect the attention onto someone or something else.

Feelings are a normal part of the human experience, and accepting them is a sign of strength - not weakness.

You deserve this space + love.
In fact: you owe it to yourself.

Because the exhaustion can’t keep going for much longer.

Because you came to this world to be you - truly you.

And any day that you’re not living your Truth is a day you’re missed.

Think about all the people that are waiting for you to show up

You’re not doing anyone - your loved ones, yourself and the World - a favor by hiding.

I can help you show up. In fact, I want to help you, to be you.

That’s why I came here.

I initiate people on their self-love journey.

My energy does that, and my actions support it.

I do so with a lot of compassion and love, because I know it’s not easy.

The self-love journey requires both a cool-head and a tender heart.

It requires the willingness to go to the roots of things, while also moving forward and creating your own stories.

The work I do with my clients is deep and life-changing.

We explore your inner emotional world.

We talk about your childhood.

We asses your relationships, your needs & desires.


We make sure you have tangible tools to feel different on a day-to-day

We make small shifts in your life that are deeply healing

We talk about what’s happening in your life, when it’s happening.

A few things you can look forward to:

  • Feeling more confident about who you are and what you want

  • Knowing how to say « no » to things that don’t feel good

  • Ditching the guilt, overwhelm and perfectionism

  • Having a deeper connection with yourself and your body

  • Having a set of your own practical tools to use when life gets tough.

  • Navigating feelings and situations with compassion & strength.

  • Having deep & balanced relationships with people you love.

  • Feeling energised + satisfied by your life.

You’ll be free from the weight of people’s expectations

Free from the judgments of others

Free to be yourself


Elements I bring into my work:

Coaching: I hold the space for you and teach you how to best support yourself. You’ll get personalised exercises, prompts and resources to use in and out of our sessions.

Intuition: I receive messages from your Guides and share them with you. You’ll get surprise breakthroughs and prompts to try different things.

Sex positivity: Sex is great for connecting with our body / our true self. I like kinky sex (BDSM, role play, shibari, …) as it provides a safe container to explore our desires and give us an opportunity to accept ourselves to the deepest level. Whichever kind of sex you are into (or not!) we can talk about it freely.

Tarot: I use Tarot Cards to get another, maybe overlooked, perspective over your life. Archetypes on the cards help you understand the meaning + teachings behind what’s going on in your life.

Human Design & Astrology: These tools have changed my life, and they will change yours, too. You’ll get a deep understanding of who you are, what you need, and why you’re here.

Biz & marketing (if applicable): I love brainstorming new ideas and helping my clients work with aligned tools & strategies so they can grow their business their way.

How do we work together?

On-going support:

In between our sessions, you have access to me via a voice messaging app (Voxer) during the week.

You can reach out to ask questions, debrief a difficult conversation or ask for some last-minute support before an important event.

It’s ideal to talk through feelings and share your wins. I highly encourage my clients to make the most of this by messaging me every day or every other day.


1:1 coaching calls allow us to go deep and to make some profound emotional and energetically shifts.

I start by leading a grounding exercise and then invite you to talk about what’s on your mind.

I ask you questions, gently lead the call and offer some resources / guidance.

Sessions are deep and intense and the regular checkins in between them brings back what we talked about to your daily life so you make concrete, lasting changes.

I currently have 3 options for 1:1 coaching work with me:

single session.

Feeling blocked or stuck over something currently happening in your life?
One session together will bring you the solutions & comfort you’re looking for.

Investment is $200USD. It includes:

  • 1x45min video call together over Zoom

  • 1 week support on Messenger or Voxer afterwards for anything that comes up after our session.

Look at «What I bring into my work» to see on which topics I can help you.

3 calls.

One area of your life isn’t going as you’d like it to be - and you know you deserve better.
You’re ready to explore it and to make some shifts.

Investment is $500. It includes:

  • 3x45min video calls over Zoom over a period of 6 weeks

  • Ongoing support in between our sessions on Voxer during (6 weeks)

6 calls.

You know you need a global change in your life and are ready to do the work.
You’ll be fully supported on your way to self-love and meet this brighter, bolder version of yourself.

Investment is $900 (payment plan is available). It includes:

  • 6x45min video calls over Zoom over a period of 12 weeks

  • Ongoing support in between our sessions on Voxer (12 weeks total)