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On this page, you’ll find my current offers as well as more info on how I work.

How I work

I’m VERY into the woo and spirituality is how I’ve been able to grow so much over the past few years.

I do Tarot readings and use astrology + Human Design in my work.
I work with the Universe/Spirit/God/however you want to call them. I channel messages & content.
My energy is big and BOOM - it’s fast-paced. Entering it means stepping into something powerful:

I initiate people into their self-love & spiritual journey.

Which means: you don’t have to know anything about spirituality to work with me, but you do need to be open + willing to play with it, even if you don’t know the how (at first ;)

My work is also very down-to-earth.

I have a background in Social Sciences, Marketing & Business. I have a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to all things, including self-love & spirituality.

I anchor spiritual & emotional knowledge into your day-to-day life with simple yet powerful practices.

The journey to self-love requires a cool-head and a tender heart.

I have both and I’ll be happy to walk alongside you as you engage on this journey.

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