Tarot Readings


Get the answers you’re looking for.

I have been reading Tarot for 2 years now, and I find it an incredible tool for self-love, for me and others.

The messages that come through are always on point, offering support and new perspectives over matters present in our lives.

“I came to Marion for a tarot reading during a time in which I had more questions than answers. I felt like I was juggling a lot of moving parts and uncertain about how to proceed in more than one area of my life. Marion’s tarot reading could not have come at a better time!

Her tarot spread was general enough to touch all of the areas of importance while going deep on what I needed some guidance around most. Her interpretations of the cards were spot on; they illuminated areas that I was not able to see so clearly on my own while validating what I felt my intuition was telling me. She was generously willing to pull a few additional cards to provide deeper clarity for me, which really allowed me to access the full value of this reading. I felt more grounded in myself and more trusting in what is happening for me this season, thanks to her message.

I love the intuitive gift Marion brings to her readings. Her visions add depth and nuance to each card, bringing them in context now and painting a greater picture of what’s to come.” - Marissa B.

What can i expect to ask/know?

You can ask anything and everything to tarot cards.
Open ended questions work better than yes/no ones.

I use tarot as a way to get another perspective on things
- not as a way to tell the future (which is always moving).

Sometimes, your Guides/God/The Universe will send you some reinsurance:
Yes, you are on the right path. What’s to come is better. It’s only temporary

Sometimes, they’ll send pointers:
Connect to your body more. Focus on this, not on that. Be careful with your boundaries.

Every time, they tell you exactly what you need to hear.

When I do a reading, I connect to your energy and ask for the messages you need to receive.
I pull some cards depending on what I’m intuitively feeling and the questions you might have asked.
I record myself (either voice or video) giving you the reading as if you were in front of me.
Then, I thank your Guides and send you the recording - along with a picture of the reading, and personalised resources if applicable.

Everything is personalised to you and to where you are NOW.

“Thank you so much for the reading, it was totally on point! Although I didn’t have any specific questions, it gave me answers to some major things that kept my mind racing for a while. It also confirmed a lot of things I knew before but was skeptical about for a long time, in addition to bringing some new helpful insights about how I’d go about my life in the future.”
— Hatim O.
Your tarot reading was very impressive and you were really on point on everything! It also opened my eyes on some very unexpected aspects of my life. It was really cool!
— Marion C.