What I stand for:


We’re all pretending we know what we’re doing with our lives, but really, we don’t have a clue. In a beautiful way. Life is messy & uncertain and our fears + flaws make us humans. That’s why I share ups & downs of my life on social media - because my life isn’t perfect or better than yours.

Body wisdom

Your body has all the answers you’re seeking. It holds infinite, ancient wisdom. Dropping in your body can be scary at first, but it’s the best compass to life & love you’ll ever have.


For me, for your, for others. For men, womxn, the LGBTQ+ community, folks of different color & cultures (BIPOC). For animals, plants and Nature in general. For ideas & ideals. Love for us first - to fill our cup - and then for all livings.


You are in charge of your life, your emotions, your healing. I say that with all the love, but if you’re not ready to take responsibility over your experiences, then my work isn’t for you.


Magic is all around us, especially in Nature. The Earth is a great example of living according to cycles, trusting in what we cannot see, trusting that things will develop as they should, at the right time.


I believe we’re all here, on Earth, at this time, for a reason. We all have a calling and we’re meant to be living it the best we can (even if - and especially - when we have no clue at the what & how). And for that, we need to know, accept and love ourselves. Only from this place can we truly shine and make the impact we’re meant to.


Look, we’re all doing the best we can here. Showing compassion makes life so much more easier for ourselves.

A note on accessibility & inclusivity:

My intent is to make my work as inclusive & accessible as can be, while also honouring my financial needs.

I’m figuring out how to best talk about the work I do + offer it to more folks, it’s a messy process and I’m not perfect. I am a cis-white womxn and I will fuck it up.

If anything coming from me feels harmful to you, please gently call me in. I know this is emotional work and you don’t *have to* do it, but if you decide to do it, I’ll listen and take action.

My teachers

  • Barbara Erochina, from Be With, who taught be so much about self-love, how to support myself and others, and what coach I wanted to be.

  • Lindsay Mack, from Tarot for the Wild Soul, who taught me so much about using Tarot as a medicine.

  • Steph Lagana, from Mythical Enterprises, who taught me that showing my human-ness was okay, helped me find my ground work (this one) and introduced me to the Soul of my Business (a panther, pretty cool huh?)

  • Marissa Burdett (Ampersand) & Jordyn Fitzgerald (Letters & Rope), sisters from the Be With Mastermind, who have held a safe container for me to show up and unfold into who I am today (ever-evolving) and give me constant reminders me that we do not have to do this life thing alone.

  • My family members, friends, exes, from life, who have allowed me to know myself so much better, offering me countless opportunities to grow (and yes some of these were fucking painful).

  • My partner, Mark, who’s given me so much space to be myself, has supported me in many different ways and is a great mirror to the inner work I have yet to do. He’s the Javier Bardem in my (kink) version of Eat, Pray, Love and a great (life) travel companion.